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DHW cylinders and buffer tanks



Buffer tank for hot or cold water primary circuit, for heating or cooling installations. Manufactured in 304 stainless steel, vertical position, floor mounted, from 30 up to 10.000 lt. NOT SUITABLE FOR DHW

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ApplicationsStorage, heating or cooling water in primary circuit, by solar energy, heat pump or boiler, small, medium or large consumption. NOT SUITABLE FOR DHWRecommended useCommercial buildings with solar energy installation for DHW storage.


Volume: from 30 up to 10.000 lt.
Heating Source: Solar energy, heat pump or boiler ( Heating or cooling).
Working Pressure: 6 bar.
Max. Working Temp.: 90ºC
Thermal insulation: Injected polyurethane rigid foam λ=0,022 w/m°C, ρ=45 to 50 Kg/m³, HCFC free, external finishing in semi rigid polyester.
Connections: Four female threaded connections included in tanks up to 500 lt. Four flanged connections DIN 2576 PN-10 included in tanks 750 and larger.